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Tax Planning
The tax effects of any transaction or decision can influence the outcome.  If you're planning a significant life change or a purchase or sale transaction, we can help you focus on how the tax laws will affect the results.  Planning is best done early in the process, so call on us to help you.  It may prevent an unwelcome surprise later. 
Tax Services
Whether it's planning for or preparing your personal return, returns for your business, non-profit or other organization, Gassler & Company, LLC can help.  
Tax Compliance
Preparing the actual tax return is more complex than ever.  Every attempt at tax reform just makes the rules more complex.  As we get more mobile, more taxpayers have to file in multiple states.  We can prepare any federal and state returns that you need to have filed.  

Family Groups and Wealth Management
When families accumulate some wealth, they inevitably create a more complex structure, with multiple owners in the family business, investment partnerships and trusts set up to pass wealth to the younger generations.  We can help you manage this information and can consult with you regarding gifting, estate transfers, family partnerships and the management of all these entities.
IRS Representation
IRS and state taxing authorities are still out there looking at returns.  Because of the complexity of the tax code, dealing with a notice or an audit is not something most people want to deal with.  WE have significant experience in dealing with the IRS and state taxing authorities.  With our help, you may be able to resolve your issue at a lower cost and  in less time than had you attempted it yourself.